I love going rustic and getting into the wild – be it camping, cycling, foraging or walking. Outdoors is the place I feel happiest. At least once a year I find time to set out really early and enjoy a summer sunrise. You see amazing things when you wait quietly and watch nature wake up around you. It feels like you have a real connection to the world.

I’ve never been one for sitting still and there’s something genuinely energising about walking. Animals have always been a big part of my life and one of the great things about having dogs is that walking is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life! I love that walking can always fit into the time you have available. A 20-minute blast around the park can be just as much fun as hiking the South West Coast Path.

I have my list of favourite holiday spots across the UK but living on the Sussex coast, it’s my regular local haunts that are just as important to me. And that’s where Littlehampton West Beach comes into its own. LA Beach, as I’ve fondly nicknamed it, never disappoints. It’s my first choice for meeting up with friends (human and canine alike). This stretch of coast has it all; beauty, beachcombing treasures, pebbles for skimming, an exhilarating sea breeze plus it’s dog-friendly all year round.

The circular route is really gentle so it’s a lovely sociable trip. It’s worth checking the tide tables so that you can time your walk around low tide. That way there will be plenty of nice sand to walk on, not just the awkward pebbles. Give it a go this weekend, you won’t regret it!

Download a PDF of the route here.

We've teamed up with iFootpath to create a smart walking guide to lead you around the walk. Simply visit the iFootpath website to print the guide, or if you want the smart experience, get the iFootpath app (available for Android or Apple devices). The App gives you the full guide in the palm of your hand and also includes a live map so you can follow your progress along the route as you walk. Say goodbye to wrong turns.