My husband, daughter and I enjoyed this ride on the South Downs. If you are staying in or around Chichester, you can pick up this ride near Stansted House or Kingley Vale, and it uses mainly public bridleways and quiet country roads.

It’s a really nice bike ride using the public bridleways and everyone we meet is really friendly. There are some really tough climbs that you may decide to push up, but the view at the top makes it all worthwhile, and also, a long difficult uphill means a fun downhill on the other side! We cycled straight past Stansted House and its really good to see the building up close. Our daughter is 20 months old and sits on the back of daddy’s bike and she loves it, she points to all the animals in the fields, rabbits, hares and horse riders.

There are some road sections but they are generally quiet roads and lots of road riders gave is a “Good Morning!”  We went through a couple of nice villages on the final climb up to Kingley Vale.  There are some proper downhill tracks here so if you are feeling adventurous and ready, you can give it a go – definitely not for the faint hearted though! Also not meant for bikes with little ones on the back, but it's worth a look and walking up if you’re interested in seeing what a downhill track looks like and what a “rock garden” is!

Our loop is 20.5 miles long with over 1300ft of climbing, but there are quite a few places to stop for a rest and a drink!

You can view my route on Strava

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