We’re often driving around West Sussex ferrying our children to various football matches and sporting events so we get to see lots of different places we wouldn’t usually discover. We’ve found some great places along the coast, including pubs, restaurants, cool shops and independent businesses. There are so many outdoor experiences you can have as a family along this stretch of coast – plus, it’s always good to get the teenagers out of the house and on to the water!

We recently had a match in Worthing and afterwards we walked along the seafront and came across, K66 Surf Division, just in front of Splashdown, close to the East Beach Art studios. My husband used to be a keen windsurfer and the kids like to surf when we get a chance, so SUP seemed like a good choice for everyone. The shop is right on the promenade and you can sign up for lessons with a qualified instructor or hire out boards by the hour, depending on how confident you feel. They’ve got all the kit too so you don’t have to bring anything. The good thing about learning on Worthing beach is that it doesn’t get as crowded as some places further along the coast so you feel safe and calm when you’re out on the water. SUP is really easy to pick up; you can go at your own pace, as far as you like – we ended up going around Worthing Pier, which was fun. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try, even if you’ve never been out on the water before. It’s a brilliant activity to help you bond with the kids as well.

If you don’t like watersports, there are some really lovely secluded swimming spots along the coast on Shoreham Beach, which are pretty much deserted, even in peak summer. If you’re lucky you’ll find tiny coves where the water is clean and calm – you might even discover a bit of sand at certain times of the day (always a treat after the pebbly beaches). Shoreham Beach feels really wild and private; it’s a special place for our family where we can escape the crowds and enjoy an invigorating swim together. Our dog Lola loves to join in too. I’d like to tell you where our secret spots are but I can’t as that would ruin it! My advice would be to get out into West Sussex and discover your own secret spots – there are so many of them out there.