I love my job. I’m a family therapist which is hugely rewarding and emotionally tiring at the same time. To keep myself in tip-top form, I need a few days each month to completely switch off and, in my humble opinion, there’s no better place to do that than the south coast. I count myself super lucky to live within an hour of the Sussex coast and it is just the place for a walk to recharge my batteries. The sea air clears my head and the endless views just help to keep everything in perspective.

My latest trip was down to Chichester Harbour. I meet up with friends and we make our way down to Fishbourne Station. Soon we’re on the move, heading through Fishbourne Meadows, past the mill pond and on through the reed beds. It’s a weird meeting point between land and sea...we’re walking at low tide (you’ll need to, if you want to be sure of avoiding wet feet) and the wading birds and stranded boats are the only clues that these mud flats disappear under the sea twice a day. Beyond the estuary there’s a good view of the spire of Chichester Cathedral. There’s no time to squeeze in a visit today, so we’ve got even more good reasons to return!

You can’t beat a good sing-song and we rattle through a few oldie tunes, inspired by our surroundings. There’s ‘Winchester Cathedral’ (with lyrics adjusted accordingly, of course), ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree’, ‘Seasons in the Sun’ (the starfish on the beach line being our reference) and my favourite all-purpose walking tune...’I Like to Go a Wandering, Along the mountain track...’ – join in any time you’re ready.

In no time we’re in the pretty quayside village of Bosham. It’s lovely and, whilst the sea is still in full retreat, there’s no mistaking the salty air. We settle into a table at the Anchor Bleu pub for fish and chips and a glass of wine – very French! Our whistle wetted, we’re on our way again, taking in the path at the back of the mudflat beach and picking our way over the slippery seaweed. Leaving Bosham it’s a simple track through farmland back to the station and marking the end of a lovely adventure. I can hear you now...We should do this...So what are you waiting for?

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