Fisher’s Farm Park is always such a fun day out. It’s well run, well thought out and well-priced for a family of four. It’s also family-owned and I think you can really feel that as a visitor; it feels like everything’s there for your enjoyment, rather than make you spend as much money as possible! All the activities revolve around being outside in the open air as much as possible, seeing animals up close and enjoying the surroundings. The farm is easy to access as most of it is on flat ground with a mixture of gravel, grass and wooden walkways that take you around the site.

We’ve been a few times and there’s always something new to experience at the park – we like to make the most of it and spend the whole day here. The setting is stunning too; it’s close to Billingshurst, quite hidden away in the West Sussex countryside. The journey to the park takes you through narrow, twisting country lanes and once you’ve paid the entry fee, everything within the park is free. You can save a bit of money if you buy tickets online.

If you want to see the animals up close, take a tractor ride around the farm and don’t miss the animal handling sessions in the Animal Encounters Barn. The children get to go up on stage and feed goats, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs. It’s always funny watching the way the children interact with the animals. There are so many other fun things to do at the park as well: Barrel Bug rides, huge jumping pillows, pedal karts, quadbikes, pony rides and Devil’s Dyke Descent, to name a few. The kids love throwing themselves off Sky Fall, an elevated platform where you leap into thin air and land on an inflated crash mat. It’s pretty scary watching them fly off the edge but for the kids, there’s nothing more fun. We love the Enchanted Woodland Walk and Ghost Tunnel too – it’s really scary, even for the adults!

On the way home we’ll stop off at The Horseguards Inn in Tillington near Petworth. It’s a stunning old pub with beautiful interiors and a gorgeous garden with antique furnishings, bunting, and hay bales to sit on. We all love eating out and the food’s delicious – sourced locally and grown in the pub’s impressive vegetable garden – plus there are lots of local West Sussex ales to sample. We’ve never tried the Bed & Breakfast, but the rooms look lovely and it’s definitely on our list for a child-free weekend away one day soon.