I run my own small business and that means it’s almost impossible to take days off. I love my work, it’s a way of life and I find it really energising. I rarely feel that I need a holiday but I also know it isn’t good for anyone to work non-stop without a break. So instead of long holidays and weekends away, I simply make sure that every day includes some proper time away from my desk.

Walking for an hour every day is my time to clear my head, stretch my legs, get some fresh air and relax. And that’s not only good for my mind, body and spirit, it’s also great for business too. I’ve come up with lots of my best ideas while on a walk. There’s just more space to think clearly as I let my mind contemplate, wander and drift. So it’s a win-win thing, can’t complain at that!

Lavington Park is the perfect place for an empowering walk. It’s so peaceful and the views are breath-taking on a clear day – no matter how many times you’ve seen them. It really helps to put everything back into perspective. There’s no traffic, no tricky navigation, no mud, no big groups of ramblers… in fact no distractions at all. The last time I visited I didn’t meet another soul…a human one at least! … just a deer in the distance and lots of elegant and athletic horses in all the surrounding fields. Give it a go, you might just come up with your own big idea on route!

Download a PDF of the route here.

We've teamed up with iFootpath to create a smart walking guide to lead you around the walk. Simply visit the iFootpath website to print the guide, or if you want the smart experience, get the iFootpath app (available for Android or Apple devices). The App gives you the full guide in the palm of your hand and also includes a live map so you can follow your progress along the route as you walk. Say goodbye to wrong turns!