I run my own raw organic chocolate company, and yes, before you ask, I do get to do all my own tasting! When I’m not slaving over my chocolate creations, I love simply spending time hanging out as a family. Market towns are great places for families to visit, giving us all something to enjoy. There’s chance for me to check out the markets, lots of family friendly cafes and shops and plenty of surrounding countryside for us all to get a fix of mud. So...Horsham is bound to fit the bill.

We start in the park behind St Mary’s Church and, with autumn in full swing, everywhere you look is red, gold and orange. My daughter loves all the piles of autumn leaves under the trees. Is there anything more fun than kicking about in dry crunchy leaves...it seems not! It brings out the kid in all of us. We make our way up into Denne Park and it’s pretty slippery in this bit of woodland. Still, a bit of mud never hurt anyone...that’s what wellies are for.

Joining Pedlar’s Way there’s chance for our dog to burn some energy. When we get down to the low bridge over the River Arun, there’s already lots of dogs enjoying a paddle. There’s no need to ask our dog if he’d like to join in, just try stopping him! And dogs playing around in the river is a sure way to set my daughter off with a fit of the giggles, so everyone’s happy. Soon we’re back in town and a chance to grab a bite to eat and have a mooch about. All in all? A lovely outing.

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